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I find Coven Morgana is truly an artful skin. So naturally, I was inspired to paint her myself. When illustrating League champions, I like to imagine them laid back. This is the type of portrait I went for when illustrating Morgana. Hopefully, I was able to capture another side of Morgana that we do not usually see in game.

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Is Coven Morgana worth the price? I love Morgana and the splash art of this skin is awesome but am I the only one that doubts about buying it? I know it’s a legendary skin but I feel like she has better skins (in the game). Imo Majestic Empress Lunar Wraith Ghost Bride Coven. Excited to share my latest illustration for League of Legends, Coven Morgana. 'Deep in the old forest Morgana speaks with the Owl god.' The idea for the image was to have her chains as keys, locked into the sacred statues for this dark ritual. Only Morgana can unlock and communicate with the ancient owl god. Coven Morgana vs Majestic Empress Morgana Legendary vs Epic Skins Comparison (League of Legends)This video shows a high quality comparison to help you to dec. HD Coven Morgana (LoL) 4K Wallpaper, Background Image Gallery in different resolutions like 1280x720, 1920x1080, 1366×768 and 3840x2160. This Image Coven Morgana (LoL) background can be download from Android Mobile, Iphone, Apple MacBook or Windows 10 Mobile Pc or tablet for free. League of Legends Coven Morgana Skin Spotlight.Purchase RP here (Amazon Affiliate - NA): off Animations and Ability Effects of M.

Coven Morgana Cosplay

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Illustration completed in Procreate.

Coven Morgana In Game

Trygubova, Yelyzaveta. 2020. Coven Morgana Patron of the Ashen Owl. Digital Painting.