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You want a good boat dock lighting system for a number of reasons. Safety and aesthetics probably top the list. But it can be hard to decide which options are best for your needs, your wants, and your budget.

DIY Boat Dock Lighting

Beautiful boat dock lighting incorporated with landscape and path lights

The ideas mentioned in this article are intended to be simple enough that any weekend warrior should be able to execute them without too much trouble. That said, there are literally hundreds of dock lighting products on the market

There are also a number of different system types to consider, in terms of power supply, control, and more.

I’m here to help you decide what will work best for your dock, and your family.

First, let’s talk about the two main reasons someone might install dock lighting in the first place.


Obviously, having a well-lit dock area is much safer than an unlit one. Light makes all night-time boat operations easier and safer.

For example, it’s much easier to land your boat in your lift or slip if the dock is well lit.

By the same token, when unloading passengers and gear in the dark, good lighting can prevent injuries and mishaps.

Security is also enhanced by having a well lit dock. If theft is an issue in your area, good lighting will make your dock less of a target for would-be thieves.

And let’s not forget, providing a safe and secure docking area is part of both being a good lake host AND surviving a long day on the water.


There’s no denying that smoothly pulling your boat up to an inviting, well-lit dock just plain feels good.

Especially if you live on the waterfront, having great lighting from dock to door not only provides comfort, safety, and security, it really looks cool from the water as well.

DIY Dock Lighting System Types

There are a number of system types that you can employ to light up your dock and adjoining pathways.


Popular options include solar, and hard-wired lighting. Something new, awesome, and becoming more and more popular are underwater dock lights. If you are going for wow factor, these have it.

Solar Dock Lights

Solar dock lights are probably the simplest, lowest cost option available to you. Typically, this style will require no wiring whatsoever.

Solar lights typically utilize rechargeable internal batteries. A built-in solar panel charges the batteries during the day. When darkness comes, the lights will automatically turn on.

Here is a great example of some LED dock lights that can be mounted on circular dock posts or flat surfaces.

This system has some great features that make them extremely simple to install, and you can add as many as you need to cover all of your dock posts and ensure even coverage to your landing area.

  • Install literally in minutes with no wires – rechargeable replaceable AAA Battery included and Concealed securely under the circuit board – 10 lumens of emitted light and 12 hour run time

  • Powerful Solar charging capacity with 360 light diffusing Polycarbonate lens and convex interior reflector maximize light output

  • Each Post Lite fits post sizes: 15 ⁄8″ (4,1cm), 17 ⁄8″ (4,8cm), 23 ⁄8″ (6,0cm) O.D., and 31 ⁄4″ (8,3cm) I.D. as well as flat surfaces with the INCLUDED adaptors

  • 6 preinstalled LED colors and convenient touchpad built right into the circuit board -change colors to match a particular color scheme or merely differentiate your dock from your neighbors

  • No LED swapping necessary to determine polarity or color output

Another good option if you are looking for a low profile design are these Dock/Path lights:

  • SOLAR POWERED: JACKYLED solar dock light absorbs the unlimited and free power from the sun to light up the LEDs for up to 72 hours. It is automatically charged during daylight hours and illuminates when night falls or with the onset of inclement weather. It is not only Eco-friendly, but also Pocket-Friendly

  • HARD SHELL: The JACKYLED white solar powered path safety LED is made of high quality poly-carbonate, so you don’t have to worry about it being broken easily. This light can be quickly installed and should never need to be touched again.

  • MULTIPURPOSE: The JACKYLED white solar powered path warning LED uses can only be limited by your imagination. It can be used for road, path, deck, dock, driveway, garden, walkway, sidewalk, etc. While other sell the pathway light without accessories, we have prepared installing screws for you to fix this pathway light on the road. So You don’t necessarily have to buy new screws.

  • WATERPROOF: The JACKYLED White Solar Powered Path Warning LED is certified IP68 and is 100% waterproof making it suitable for most kinds of environments, such as heavy rain, foggy weather etc.

  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: 60 days changing or refunding without reasons. The JACKYLED White Solar Powered Path Warning LED has 6 pcs 5mm ultra bright antifogging LEDs. Its size is 110mmx97mmx24mm and weight of 300Gms per unit.

You may wish to combine any of these lights with some easily installed solar path lights to guide you from your dock to your doorstep.

Dockmate Square Solar Dock Lights

The biggest upside to solar lighting is that they are super easy to install, and require no wiring.

Downsides are that you may have to periodically replace the internal rechargeable batteries, and you have little if any control over when they come on and off.

For example, if some of the lights are mounted in shadier areas than others, your lights will not all turn on and off simultaneously. As batteries age, some lights may turn off sooner than the others. You may not get a full night of lighting.

110v Dock Lights (Hard-Wired)

These lights are most typically mounted on a tall post, and meant to illuminate a larger area via hard-wired 110 volt supply. If you already have 110v wiring near your dock, these lights provide the best amount of illumination.

These Hard-Wired LED Wall Pack Lights can be mounted on a vertical post, wall, or other structure near your boat dock.

  • Automated dusk-to-dawn photocell functionality. Light OFF at sunrise/daytime and light ON at sundown/night.Die-casting of aluminum housing with clear lens,Anti-corrosion,Waterproof IP65,5000K Daylight for Outdoor illumination.

  • 70% energy-saving! Only 26W of power consumption, perfect for replacing standard 150 to 250W metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures. Save on your electric bill

  • 30 LED bulbs provide 3000 lumen illumination. Lifespan of 50,000 hours. A great bright and durable lamp for home, path, and dock area lighting

  • Input voltage: 100-277Vac. Compatible with USA 110Vac voltage, Standard 3 Wires(Hot,Common/Neutral,Ground). Unit Size:L6.0*H9.1*W3.6 inch. Easy Installtaion with J-BOX or on the wall.

  • cETLus-listed qualified for top-notch quality and performance. 5 Year Quality Guarantee

These wall packs support automatic dusk till dawn functionality, which is very convenient as it requires no external controller.

However, if you don’t already have a good mounting location or wiring in place, the added cost might steer you towards one of the other options.

Safety Note: If you are going to have 110v wiring anywhere near the water, make sure it is installed properly by a qualified electrician. They can make sure the circuit is installed safely, and protected by the correct circuit breaker style for your application.

Underwater Dock Lights

Ok, now these are super cool. Our home lake has over 1000 residences, and I don’t think I’ve seen anybody with underwater boat dock lighting so far.

That makes this a great opportunity to not only improve the safety and convenience of your boat dock area at night, but make it look straight up awesome as well. Here’s a great example.

Deep Glow Green Underwater Dock Light

  • The World’s Premier Manufacturer of Underwater Lighting

  • Simple to install in 15 minutes without getting wet; they can be thrown, dropped or placed in the water and will automatically right themselves on the bottom facing the water’s surface

  • Brighter by design – up to 60% brighter by reflecting all of the 10,000 lumens to the surface

  • Environmentally safe and emit ultraviolet, colored light designed to attract a variety of marine life.

  • Built Strong – Deep Glow lights were designed and tested to withstand the rigors of harsh, rough, salt water environments and commercial applications


Dockmate Square Solar Dock Lights

Hopefully this article has provided you with some good options and ideas for your outdoor lighting needs, particularly on and around your boat dock and landing area.

A well-lit dock area is safer, more attractive, and more secure than an unlit area. Installed properly, good quality options like these should supply you with years of virtually maintenance free service.


Dockmate Solar Dock Light
Improve Your Dock Appeal - DIY Boat Dock Lighting Ideas
You want a good boat dock lighting system for a number of reasons. Safety and aesthetics probably top the list. But it can be hard to decide which options are best for your needs, your wants, and your budget.

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