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Bug Fix: Morgana's knees popping through her dress during her running animation. Range increased to 800 from 750. General New splash artwork for Blade Mistress Morgana. General Splash artwork for Exiled Morgana and Sinful Succulence Morgana updated to the Chinese art. Stats Mana regen increased to 8.5 from 6. Morgana started off being a very kind woman who was Uther's ward. However, unknown to her at the time she was actually his daughter and half-sister of Arthur. Morgana had a close friendship with her maidservant Gwen, Arthur and Merlin at this point in time.

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Exiled Morgana Skin Information

Price975 RP
ConceptMorgana shortly after her fall from grace
ModelNew model changes
ParticlesNew fiery particles on abilities
AnimationsNew recall animation
SoundsNo new sound effects
Release date31/05/2010
  • Exiled Morgana suffers from an inconsistent and limited execution as it combines yellow and blue particles and delivers a mere re-texture. However, at 390 RP that can be forgiven, to an extent, so that it could probably climb to three stars.
  • Exiled Morgana Skin Riot’s official splash art for Exiled Morgana skin.

Exiled Morgana is no longer available in store, but if you’re contemplating picking up one of our smurfs that comes with her, then you’ll want to know what you’re getting – and there’s quite a bit to unpack, so let’s jump right into the in-game skin itself.

We’ve always been fascinated by skins that represent moments from Champions past. For instance, Pre-void Kassadin gives us a peek at the Void Walker before he went walking in the Void.

Exiled Morgana lets us see how Morgana looked shortly after being booted from Heaven. She’s still wearing her holy garbs, and her auburn hair is tied back in dreadlocks.

As for the wings, we like to interpret them as blood-soaked. We know from Kayle that ordinarily, Morgana’s angelic brethren have pure white wings tinged with light lilac. By contrast, Exiled Morganas wings are white but fade to an increasingly darker crimson further down.

Her eyes look as though she’s smeared mascara around them, but this doesn’t make her look like a winged Raccoon – on the contrary, it transforms her into something much more menacing, something demonic.

Her gold and crimson robes seem to be stitched together out of various furs and cloths, with gold plating covering her upper torso. Overall, an excellent colour scheme that carries over to her abilities.

Fiery energy imbues all of Morgana’s spells; granted, this is merely a minor change, but it goes a long way toward making her feel like a freshly fallen holy warrior.

Exiled Morgana Rarity


Her splash art is also quite striking – it depicts two celestial sisters toppling through the sky in a torrent of feathers as sword and spell collide. It’s marvellously done, and it’s easy to overlook one key detail at first glance;

Exiled Morgana Fan Art

Exiled Morgana has two sets of wings! We know that those wings would soon be bound for eternity, but it’s nice to see her in all her glory. If only we could see her with wings outstretched in-game. Well, we’ve got some good news – we can!

Exiled Morgana’s recall animation calls down a column of holy light, within which the fallen angel's wings outstretch to their full size, breaking free of their bonds as she ascends. On the surface, she might seem angelic, but the look that contorts her features is charged with ferocity; a clear indicator of who she would soon become.

Is Exiled Morgana Skin Rare

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Exiled Morgana Rarity

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