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I am running IIS and WAMP on same PC. The IIS is running on localhost and Wamp is running on localhost:8080. Now the problem is that when i strat to install joomla in WAMP, the installation is not proceeding from database configuration step. I enter the host name as localhost:8080 on database configuration step. Through Localhost, anyone can install Joomla! Locally into their PC without spending more time and a single penny. This is a step by step Installation guide to Download & Install Joomla! In the local Windows PC using XAMPP Localhost.

Connect to localhost with an FTP client Default, and create a folder for your Joomla on the localhost server (for ease of understanding we will call this folder “newfolder”). FTP the unpacked Joomla installation files to the newly created Joomla folder. Documentation: Copying a website from a local host to a remote host. JoomlaDirect Video: How to transfer a Joomla site from localhost to your live server. Convert a Static Site To Joomla! Many first-time Joomla! Users have an existing website built with static HTML and CSS files that already includes a design they like and want to keep. Once you’ve signed up and grabbed a domain at Bluehost, log into your account and click on Advanced in the left column. Scroll down to the bottom, look for the Joomla icon and click on it. In the next screen, press Install Now. This will take you to the installation screen.

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As Joomla! provides a Docker image, the chance of using 'localhost' is never. Therefore if the container is scheduled in an environment where you cannot access the container (not that you should ever need to) then you need to be able to bypass this check. This environment variable can be placed in the containers build file and will disable checks meaning you can install hassle free.

This check still keeps the installation secure as you'd need the same access to the server to delete the file.

Pull Request for Issue # joomla/docker-joomla#25.

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Allow the check for localhost to be bypassed by an environment variable.

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Set the environment variable JOOMLA_INSTALLATION_DISABLE_LOCALHOST_CHECK to one, attempt to install on a non localhost database server and no requirements to delete files should be shown.

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This will need to go into the Joomla! docker build files, but may help to be documented somewhere.

There is a PR depending on this: joomla/docker-joomla#26

b09604b 27 Jul 2017 Allow disabling the Joomla! localhost database security check.

/ping @mbabker can you take a look at this as I seen you've created the Docker image.

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From a practical perspective seems fine. @joomla/security review please.

Fine for me

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