Lol 10.21

Happy October and welcome to 10.21! This is another light patch to keep gears running smoothly through the championship and the end of the ranked season. Our focus here is to maintain stability and balance, so nothing too wild. Download Hack / Cheat - TAGS: League sharp script x League of legends released script x League of legends undetected script x League of legends c.

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Patch comes with changes to champions like Samira, Camille, Trundle, Karma, Aphelios, Nidalee, Graves, and many others.
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0:00 Intro
0:54 QOTD
1:21 Camille - Nerfs
2:41 Top Lane - Tier List
2:54 Hecarim - Nerfs
4:04 Graves - Nerfs
4:54 Nidalee - Nerfs
5:39 Trundle - Buffs
6:18 Lee Sin - Buffs
6:42 Udyr - Buffs
7:29 Jungle - Tier List
7:38 Corki - Buffs
8:07 Mid Lane - Tier List
8:32 Samira - Nerfs
9:29 Aphelios - Buffs
10:18 Bot Lane - Tier List
10:54 Pantheon - Nerfs
11:38 Karma - Buffs
12:22 Support - Tier List
12:28 Conclusion
12:49 Outro
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While League of Legends Patch 10.21 is mostly dominated by jungle changes, there are a few bot lane changes to take note of. Notably, Aphelios, Samira and Pantheon support will be receiving changes.

Bot laners are sure to be curious about how these changes shake up the bot lane so here is the League of Legends Patch 10.21 bot lane duo tier list.

League of Legends Patch 10.21 Bot Lane Duo Tier List

S Tier: Caitlyn & Morgana, Aphelios & Nautilus

Spotlight: Aphelios & Nautilus

Riot Games has added another Aphelios buff. They are incremental buffs that rather than one large buff. Aphelios already pairs well with Nautilus and now that Aphelios will essentially be doing much more damage, this edges him over Caitlyn and Morgana for the top spot in the League of Legends bot lane duo tier list.

Lol 10.21 Yama Notlari

A Tier: Miss Fortune & Leona, Jhin & Braum


Spotlight: Jhin & Braum

Jhin consistently has become one of the best AD Carries in the game and when paired with Braum, they could do massive damage. Jhin and Braum's passive pair nicely with each other which allows Braum to stun opponents easily, which obviously leads to more opportunities. Consider using these two champs if you're duoing with someone.

Lol 10.21 Yama Notları

B Tier- Caitlin & Lux, Sona & Lux

Lol 10.21 Patch Notes


Spotlight: Cailtyn & Lux

Lol 10.21

While Caitlyn and Lux were ranked in the S Tier in the previous tier list, their demotion does not mean you should stop playing this duo. It simply means that there are better duos out there. However, as Samira starts to find her own in the bot lane and players begin to find the best pairings with the new champ, Samira could sneak into the B Tier.