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Find the best betting odds for the League of Legends World Championship 2021 (LoL Worlds). Compare betting sites, odds and special bets. Born from simple origins—a love for the Rift—Worlds has brought to life unforgettable moments, inspirational champions, and a legacy of passion and competition. When this year's tournament begins, the world will witness League's greatest players forging their own legends in a story still being written. LoL Worlds Betting The Definitive Guide to League of Legends Worlds bets It’s the most anticipated time of the year for League of Legends (LoL) players and punters. Starting on September 25 and concluding one month later, on October 31, the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) 2020 brings the best teams in the world together.

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Looking at the esports Industry all around the world and premise of fans the esports game that dominated the last decade in terms of audiences, great matches, tournaments and viewership is none-other than The league of legends.

League of Legends(LOL) was launched in 2011 as a premiere Esports to switch off Dota which was the main MOBA on the market at that time. Whereas it hasn’t utterly removed Dota from the map, League of legends has become established as one of the simplest games of uncomparable and a high Esports market to the current day.

Ever since 2011, Best LOL teams compete for the champion title, the 70-pound Summoner’s Cup, and a multi-million-dollar championship prize. The journey is long and arduous, however, for a League of Legends teams, there’s no larger honour than winning Worlds.

The winners of League of Legends Worlds Championships has gained tremendous success and recognition all around the world.

The huge success of the tournament creating is among the world’s most prestigious and watched esports tournaments, as it is one of the most-watched game within the world.

The tournament rotates its venues around the different major countries and regions every year all across the world.

Because of its success, esports scenes became distinguished and widely seen as a possible athletic contest event, already being enclosed as a medal event in the 2019 South East Asian Games.

In past decades, winners of League of Legends worlds, all having their own story struggle and love towards the esports and video games.

The tournament has seen many changes over the years whether we talk about the prize, host destinations, competitory groups and the rules which are perpetually tailored and tweaked because the tournament grows in size.

Since 2014, Riot Games has free a political candidate event song to combine up with their Worlds event for Champions of the LOL worlds, Summoner’s Cup.

List for the Winners of league of legends Worlds Championship from 2011 to 2020

The tournament is available for all the region on the planet earth, the winners of league of legends worlds can be considered as the best lol team all around the world with a specific period of time.

The LOL teams work very hard to own the summoner’s cup and become one of the best team. So without further ado here is the list of winners of League of Legends Worlds.

League of Legends World Championship 2011

Beginning of League of Legends Era.

The First ever League of Legends Worlds Championship additionally referred to as the Season one Championship, held between 18-21 June 2011 at DreamHack Summer in Jonkoping, Sweden with a complete prize pool of $100,000 USD that was sponsored by Alienware and organized by Riot games.

In this tournament total, eight teams were participating from North America, South-East Asia and Europe. Over 1.6 million viewers watched the live stream for the event, as well as a peak figure of over 210,000 throughout the latter stages.

It was team Fnatic that came away with the win, once facing Against All Authority within the final.

Fnatic took home a winning prize pool of $50,000, and Maciej “Shushei” Ratuszniak of the winning team Fnatic was named the most valuable player (MVP) of the tournament.

Fnatic is an European esports organisation and among the earliest esports organisation in the esports industry.

League of Legends World Championship 2012

After the success of Season one, The second World Championship AKA Season two befell in October 2012 at the house of Riot Games in Los Angeles, USA.

Lol Worlds

In the second season, we are able to see an enormous jump within the prize pool as it reached up to $2 million USD mark.

Riot Games started committing to esports infrastructure and nurturing their professional scene. To boost the gaming infrastructure they set out the Korean server for free and permitting Korean organisations to start out competitors within the game.

The number of esports teams competing for the championship has been raised from eight to twelve.

The grand final took place on 13th October 2012 at the University of Southern California’sAnatomist Center ain front of 10,000 fans and was broadcast in thirteen completely different languages. Over eight million esports fans watched on from around the world throughout the competition, as well as 1.1 million throughout the grand final.

Taiwanese team, Taipei Assassins, claimed the victory, defeating South Korean’s Azubu Frost. A 3-1 finish bimanual the Taiwanese team won $1 million USD in prize, with capital of the Russian Federation 5 finishing in third place once their competition converted CLG Europe.

Taipei Assassins, or TPA, was a competitive League of Legends team primarily based in Taiwan that was created within the year 2012. Later in 2016, it was inherited by the J team that has a team in LOL, Starcraft and arena of valiance.

League of Legends World Championship 2013

The third LOL Season three i.e. lol world Championship featured fourteen teams with the highest seed were from North America, China, Taiwan. The tournament was organised in for a second year in Los Angeles, USA. featured an equivalent sized prize pool of last year i.e. two million USD.

The 2013 World Championship final was viewed by over thirty-two million people with a peak concurrent viewership of 8.5 million, a dramatic increase from the 2012 finals. The tickets for this final sold out in only 1 hour.

SK Telecom T1 and Royal Club finished as winners and runners-up, NaJin Black steel and Fnatic found themselves in third and fourth.

The match against Royal Club would be anticlimactic as SKT stomped them 3-0 to earn South Korea’s 1st title. This win would mark the beginning of South Korea’s reign over League of Legends.

After winning they took the prize of $1 Million USD.

SK Telecom T1 is a South Korean professional gaming team based in South Korea. This team was created in the year 2014.

League of Legends World Championship 2014

Lol Worlds

Riot Games selected to rebrand the competition 2014, they just Changed LOL Season 4 into the dynamic name the “League of Legends Worlds Championship”.

This was additionally the primary time Riot began to use the appellation “Worlds” as a shorthand for the tournament.

Sixteen qualifying teams are invited through different league, like the Mid-Season invitation, or a regional qualifying tournament.

Worlds 2014 transpire in the capital of South Korea, Asian nation at Sangam bowl and featured a $2.1 Million USD prize pool.

The competition was another time dominated by Asian groups, with Samsung White claiming their first-ever LoL World Championships. another time the competition team was the Chinese StarHorn Royal Club.

The semi-finals were all Korean and Chinese affairs, with Samsung Galaxy Blue and OhMy God coming back third and fourth severally.

A record 40,000 spectators attended the grand finals, beside around 28 million views on tv and through on-line streaming platforms like Youtube and Twitch.

The 2014 World Championship games were streamed live by 40 broadcast partners and forged in nineteen languages. The grand final was watched by 27 million folks, with simultaneous viewership peaking at over eleven million viewers.

Samsung White was a Korean League of Legends team sponsored by Samsung Electronics.

League of Legends World Championship 2015

The fifth lol world championship finals was hosted in Berlin, Germany. For the primary time since its inauguration in 2011, the LoL Worlds schedule came to Europe in 2015.

The fifth International tournament includes of sixteen teams from all across the planet, this tournament includes a prize pool of $2.1 Million USD.

SK Telecom T1 was the winner of leage of legnds worlds champion 2015 and won the prize of $1 Million USD. They defeated KOO Tigers of Asian nation with a dominating score of 3-1.

During this tournament European’s Fan favorite Fnatic secured third position within the tournament, wherever as chinese groups crumble this point, and North yank team TSM left so much behind.

SKT prime Laner Jang “Marin” Gyeong-Hwan was named the tournament most valueable player. The finals were watched by 36 million folks, with a peak simultaneous viewership of 14 million viewers.

League of Legends World Championship 2016

The 2016 World Championship had one major modification to that. For the primary time since 2012, Riot Games was drastically increasing the prize pool. Now, over $5 Million USD was on the road because the prize pool ballooned with the sale of the Championship letter and ward skins.

The sixth iteration of the LoL Worlds series, command between September 29 and October 29th 2016 across the USA.

Sixteen teams from various regions were qualified for the tournament and they are competing to become one of the winners of league of legends worlds.

In 2016 World Championship Finals, two South Koreans groups competed with one another SKT and Samsung Galaxy in that SKT T1 became winner and became champion in an exceedingly neck chilling finals with the ultimate score 3-2 and won the prize of $2.0 Million USD.

Faker of SKT became MVP of the tournament.

SK Telecom T1 was ready to take its assemblage championship in four years. SKT T1 cemented themselves as a phratry with this conclusion, showing that they were one amongst the simplest Esports groups of incomparable, notwithstanding the sport.

The finals were watched by 43 million people, with a peak simultaneous viewership of 14.7 million viewers, breaking 2015’s finals viewer records.

League of Legends World Championship 2017

After the success of the 2016 event, the LoL Worlds 2017 transpire in China for the first time and saw Riot shake up the tournament format i.e tournament hosted in four completely different locations throughout China: Wuhan (Play-In and Groups), Kwangchow (Quarterfinals), Shanghai (Semifinals), and national capital Beijing (Finals).

A total of twenty-four teams participated within the tournament for the prize pool of $4.5 Million USD: three groups from Asian nation, China, North America, Europe and Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau; one team from Brazil, geographical area North, geographical area South, Japan, Oceania, Turkey, geographical area and CIS/Russia; and one team from the Wildcard region with the best rank end at the 2017 Mid-Season invitation.

Samsung Galaxy reversed the previous year’s result and defeated SK Telecom T1 3-0 within the 2017 World Championship Finals. Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk of Samsung, was named MVP.

The finals were watched by 60 million people, breaking 2016’s finals’ viewer records.

The tournament is wide praised for its prime quality of plays and superb ceremonial performances whereas receiving worldwide attention for its dramatic and emotional series. it’s presently the most-watched tournament united of Legends’ history and is lauded mutually of the simplest.

League of Legends World Championship 2018

The 2018 League of Legends World Championship had been only hosted in South Korea throughout numerous venues around the country.

The play-in stage started in Korea’s capital, Seoul. It then moved to Busan for the cluster stage and quarter-finals. Unusually, the semi-finals were hosted within the Gwangju Women’s University Universiade Gymnasium.

The finals held Incheon Munhak Stadium, Incheon. which has carrying a capacity of 50000 audience.

The twenty-four teams visited the Asian nation to play for $6.4 Million USD.

The World Championship Finals were contested between Invictus Gaming and Fnatic. Invictus gaming played 3-0 against Fnatic. Invictus Gaming fromChina won their First World Championship and a prize money of $2.4 Million USD.

Gao “Ning” Zhenning was named MVP of the series in their conclusion. The finals were watched by ninety nine.6 million distinctive viewers, with simultaneous viewership reaching a peak of 44 million viewers, breaking 2017’s finals’ viewership record.

League of Legends World Championship 2019

The 2019 World Championship welcomes 24 teams from all regions of the sport in a very months-long race for the Summoner’s Cup.

This year’s world championship is controlled in 3 European capitals: Berlin, Germany; capital of Spain, Spain; and Paris, France.

The 2019 World Championship was viewed on Patch 9.19 from begin to complete. The entire prize pool of LOL worlds 2019 is to be $2.2 MIllion USD(not formally announced).

The World Championship Finals were viewed on Nov 10th, 2019 between LPL’s FunPlus Phoenix and LEC’s G2 Esports at AccorHotels Arena in Paris.

The entire hopes of Europe were in G2 claiming the trophy on home turf, however, within the finish, FunPlusPhoenix won the ultimate tournament with a clean win 3-0 and overpowered G2 Esports and earning a second consecutive Worlds title for China.

Lol Worlds

League of Legends World Championship 2020

Lol Worlds 2022

The 2020 World Championship was controlled from 25 Sept to 30th October 2020 in Shanghai, China.

22 teams qualified to participate at the globe Championship supported placement inside their own regional leagues and former regional ends up in international play.

Travel restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2 teams that qualified from the Vietnam Championship Series were unable to attend the event.

The Finals occurred between to Asian teams DAMWON gaming and Suning one is from South Korea and another is from recent champion country China.

In the final DAMWON gaming crushed Suning and came victorious with the score 3-1.

DAMWON Gaming’s jungler, Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu, was named as the most valuable player of the series.

Prizepool is nevertheless to be declared however it’s assumed it should be over base prize i.e. $ 2 Million USD.

Lol Worlds Standings


League of legends Worlds is one of the finest international esports tournament which tries to make a new benchmark in esports and gaming industry.

Lol Worlds Na

Among the Winners of league of legends Worlds SK Telecom T1 won the Championship for the maximum time i.e. 3 times.

Lol Worlds 2018

If anyone who believes in their dream and try hard to achive it no one can stop you just go for it.

Lol Worlds 2020 Standings

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