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The perfect fusion of keyboard and controller for Ableton Live

As an electronic music producer working entirely in Ableton Live, the last thing you need to be worrying about is your MIDI controller keyboard putting the brakes on your creativity by necessitating manual reassignment every time you add a channel to the mixer, switch between instruments and effects, or start a new project.


Using Launchkey with Ableton Live Lite. Page 5: Introduction V-Station and Bass Station software plug-ins. Together, this unique software-hardware combination allows instant, real-time tweaking of synth parameters, loops and audio effects. Novation Launchkey Tutorial: Controlling Ableton Live Quick tutorial video demonstrating how Novation Launchkey controls your DAW. Artist: Perpetual PresentT. Live Performance (Novation Launchkey - Ableton Live) - Markov- Tutorial: Support the channel by purchasing my Synthwave sample/. Take control of any music setup with Launchkey 37, Novation’s inspirational MIDI controller keyboard. Create and play with Ableton Live and connect external MIDI gear. Scale and Chord Modes expand your musical vocabulary, velocity-sensitive pads and keys provide expressive control. Allows Launchkey MKII to be powered via 9V external PSU whilst being connected to an iPad. Launchkey MK2 Updater - Mac Launchkey MK2 Updater - PC Launchpad, Launchpad Pro, Launchkey Demo for Live.

Combining a premium quality keyboard with a comprehensive array of automatically assigned faders, knobs, pads and buttons, Novation Launchkey gives you effortless and total control of you Live sessions. In a nutshell, it lets you spend less time mousing around and more actually producing music, all the way from initial composition to final mixdown.

Transform your Live workflow

As perfectly suited to the job of operating a computer as your mouse is, it’s not something you want to negotiate any more than you have to when you’re lost in the musical flow. Launchkey unlocks your Ableton Live sessions for genuine hands-on control, putting tactile clip launching, device tweaking and mixing at your fingertips, and liberating you from the inspiration-damping inconvenience of the rodent.

Launchkey’s faders, knobs, buttons and pads automatically map themselves to Live’s mixer, devices and clip launchers in both Session and Arrangement Views, instantly reconfiguring to suit the task at hand at any given moment as you navigate your project. And since it’s Launchkey doing all the mapping, not Live, it ‘just works’ without any setup required when starting a new session.

With Launchkey, making music with Live feels more like playing an instrument than operating a DAW – your physical relationship with the software becomes almost symbiotic.

Chairman of the ’board

As anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of using a Novation synthesiser will expect, Launchkey’s keys feel great to play. Light but solid, with synth action, they can be switched between four preset velocity curves to suit all playing styles and ‘weights’, and three board lengths are available:
25-, 49- and 61-key.

The rest of the controls are of equally high quality; and with its sturdy, roadworthy exterior casing and brilliantly bright backlit RGB pads, Launchkey is built for life on stage as well as in the studio.

Combine with other Launch Series Controllers

With its powerful Novation stablemates Launchpad Pro and Launch Control XL specialising in clip launching and mixing respectively, the more versatile Launchkey is designed to sit at the very heart of your Ableton Live rig, covering all production bases. The keyboard and transport controls enable quick capture of musical ideas; the faders, knobs and buttons give modal access to the mixer; and the 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads take care of finger drumming and clip launching.

Novation Launchkey Ableton Mapping

Once you get used to Launchkey – which takes about ten minutes – you’ll come to see it as an extension of Live itself. And if you already own either or both of its aforementioned siblings, add Launchkey to them for the ultimate in Live control.