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I too have a long history with Photoshop. Two things concern me, firstly the idea of the subscription 'takes some getting my head around'. My worry here is not knowing what the future holds. I currently have CS5 and if things turn bad financially I still have it (even if I don't upgrade). Not so if on subscription, is it.
The next unknown is pricing and future increases.
On the Plus side, the advantage of being up to date is a big one.
The offer price for one year at £8.78 per month (For Photoshop CC alone) seems reasonable but the increase to £17.58 per month thereafter is pitched high.
I estimate that Photoshop (upgraded every second edition) cost me roughly £100 per year currently, and that matches £8.78 per month pretty closely.
Please consider your pricing structure again. There must be mutual benefit pitching the price sensibly to encourage greater sales, and extra profit from reduced overheads such as 'downloading only' sales, one would think.
Your pricing structure does not cater well for 'keen amateurs' in my opinion.
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Review Adobe Photoshop membership plans and prices. Check our key features and find the answers in our frequently asked questions section. Adobe Photoshop. Get the world’s best imaging app to edit photos and create composites, digital paintings, animations, graphic designs, and more. Comes with Photoshop on the iPad so you can create wherever. Adobe Photoshop comes in two different packages Photoshop CC for new buyers and Photoshop CC Renewal for the older customers. Prices for Photoshop CC ranges from Rs 31560 to Rs 27768 and for Renewal customers it ranges from Rs 30912 to Rs 27192. Features of Adobe Photoshop CC.