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'When I am working on an important PowerPoint presentation file, but it suddenly closed. I did not save the work which I did. How do I recover a PowerPoint that was not saved?'

There is no doubt that many people often use Windows Office tools like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Notepad in daily work. But more of a sudden there are certain chances that you might accidentally delete your important files after your work is done. Also, some forget to save their PowerPoint files after they are done with them. Panic may be the first action if you encounter such a situation. But now you don’t need to worry about that as this article will provide you with 3 comprehensive PowerPoint recovery solutions to help you recover unsaved PowerPoint presentation, the ultimate way to recover PowerPoint files is get Recoverit Data Recovery software to get started.

Video Tutorial on Unsaved/Deleted PowerPoint Files Recovery

In this video, our expert shares his experience of recovering unsaved PowerPoint files. He describes 3 different methods. However, not all solutions can solve your issue since there are various situations of data loss. However, based on his test, the third solution works well in most cases.

If you have no time to watch the entire video tutorial, you can also go on and get a quick solution through the below content. You can follow the steps and description to recover the unsaved or deleted Powerpoint files.

Solution 1. With 'Recover Unsaved Presentations'

If you forget to save the PowerPoint file you are working on and then it just lost due to some reasons, please keep calm and try the below-given simple steps to get it back quickly.

Step 1. Open the PowerPoint on your PC

Step 2. Click on the File tab in the upper left corner > Choose Open > In the 'Recent' section, click Recover Unsaved Presentations in the bottom right corner.

Step 3. The Saved Drafts folder will open. Find your file and double click on it to open. Then save the file.

Tip: The files in the Unsaved folder are temporary files. It is highly recommended to recover and save the data you need as they might be lost soon.

Solution 2. Using the AutoRecover function

Besides, there is another way that can help recover unsaved PowerPoint files – AutoRecover function. First, you need to check if it has been enabled. Follow the simple steps below.

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Option 1:

Step 1.Open a PowerPoint presentation > choose the File tab > Select Options > Go to Save

Step 2. Make sure that you have checked the box saying 'Save auto-recover info every x minutes', and the box saying 'Keep the last Auto recovered version if I close without saving'

Option 2:

If you have AutoRecover enabled beforehand, you can go to find your unsaved PowerPoint file by following the 2 simple steps.

Step 1. Copy the file destination path from 'AutoRecover file location'.

Step 2. Open Windows Explorer, paste the path on the address bar and hit 'Enter' to search the lost unsaved PowerPoint file.

Tip: It is advised to save the document while you are working on it. There is a shortcut key to save the file while working, which is Ctrl + S, which automatically saves your document.

Solution 3. Recover Deleted PowerPoint Files with Recoverit Data Recovery

If the above-mentioned solutions can't help you out with the PowerPoint lost problems, you can check the following steps to recover unsaved/deleted PowerPoint files with Recoverit Data Recovery for Windows. It can easily undelete your lost or delete PowerPoint presentations with 3 steps, also it can recover Word document and other lost files. Download and install Recoverit on your computer and retrieve your PowerPoint back.

Step 1. Select a location where stored PowerPoint

Launch Recoverit Data Recovery on your PC, select a disk where the PowerPoint files were stored before and next.


Step 2. Scanning lost PowerPoint from disk

And then the software will start scanning the disk to search for your lost or delete PowerPoint files, it will take a while for the scan to complete.

Step 3. Preview and recover PowerPoint files

After scanning, all recovered data files will display on the result. You can preview some files like photo, video, music, office files, select your PowerPoint and click the 'Recover' button to get it back.

Follow these 3 steps to rescue your lost PowerPoint files, also you can check the following video tutorial on how to use Recoverit Data Recovery software to restore your PowerPoint presentations.

I hope that 3 ways can help you recover accidentally closed PowerPoint without saving, otherwise, if you working on Mac, you should download Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac and follow the same steps to restore lost PowerPoint files.

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Powerpoint Templates Design

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PowerPoint is one of the most commonly used applications for presentations. The app has many tools and options to help you create amazing slides. One of those options is using background images and graphics. Why settle for the normal and simple slide design, when you can make it unique? Now, we will talk about how to edit background graphics in PowerPoint.

How to Edit Background Graphics in PowerPoint

Using this guide you can easily add an image to the slide master. It can appear on every slide in the presentation, or in certain slides. You can also add a watermark, which might be a company logo that you want to include on every slide. To apply an image to all slides, you can follow this guide:

• Apply an Image to All Sides

Step 1. Select Slide Master

Open the PowerPoint presentation, and click on “View” >“Slide Master”. Then, you can select the Slide Master at the top of the thumbnail panel on the left.

Step 2. Choose Format Background

A ribbon will appear, and you need to click on “Background Styles”, and select the “Format Background” option.

Step 3. Insert Background Image

Under the “Format Background” panel, click on “Picture or Texture Fill” if you want to insert pictures or graphics from your computer. Then locate the picture, and then click “Insert”. The image will fill the background of the slide master and all the layout masters below it.

Step 4. Edit the Background Graphics

To create a watermark effect, go to the “Format Background” panel, and slide the “Transparency” bar to the right to change the opacity percentage.

• Apply an Image to Certain Sides

The guide for adding pictures to certain slides is a bit different from the way of applying images to all slides. With that in mind, here is how to apply an image and edit PowerPoint template background graphics.

  • Step 1. Click “Slide Master” on the “View” tab.
  • Step 2. In the “Slide Master” view, click the slide layout or layouts where you want to add pictures. Hold down the “Shift” key while making selections if you want to select multiple layouts.
  • Step 3. Go to “Background Styles” in the “Slide Master” tab, and click “Format Background”. Then you can click “Picture or Texture Fill” to insert a picture from your computer.
  • Step 4. Click on “File” under the “Insert Picture From”. If you have the picture in the clipboard, click on “Clipboard”. Then locate the image you want to add, and then click “Insert”. The image will fill the background for all the slides and layouts that you selected in Step 2.
  • Step 5. To create a watermark effect, you can go to the “Format Background” panel, and slide the transparency bar to the right and change the opacity percentage.

Best PDF Editor - PDFelement

While PowerPoint offers you a variety of options for your presentations, this software can be limited. For example, sharing PowerPoint with people who do not have Microsoft Office is tricky. That is why nowadays, most presentations are in PDF format. You can create the presentation in PowerPoint, and then export it to PDF. And to manage PDF files, you need a powerful PDF tool. We recommend using PDFelement, a one-stop PDF solution, making the PDF experience simple, easy, and seamless. Specifically, you can create, edit, convert and manage PDF documents in a matter of seconds. Here are some of the main features of PDFelement.

  • Review and mark up PDF files using a variety of commenting tools.
  • Create PDF from images, scanned documents, HTML, text file formats, or directly from the scanner.
  • View comments or access markup for review in a single pane.
  • Turn the flat or non-fillable form into a fillable and editable PDF form with a single click.
  • Drag and drop to create web forms.
  • Extract data from form fields.
  • Edit text, background, and images within the file.
  • Optimize PDF to reduce the size of the document.
  • Convert PDF files into a variety of other formats.
  • Add background and watermark to PDF.
Free powerpoint te

How to Edit Background for PDF

As we said before, PDFelement can be used to edit the background in your PDF file. This feature works for PDF files or other file formats that are converted into a PDF File. Here is how you can add new background.

Step 1. Open the PDF File

Launch PDFelement and open the PDF file, and then go to “Edit” > “Background” > “New background”.

Powerpoint Tep

Step 2. Select the Background

There are many edits you can make to the background. For starters, you can choose one color as the background. Or you can add an image or PDF file from your computer.

Step 3. Edit the Background

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Edit the appearance of the background by editing the rotation degree and opacity. You can also change “Scale to target page” from 100% to 0%. What's more, you can select the “Page Range” you want the background to appear. You can select all the pages in the PDF or just a single page. Or specify exactly which pages you want the background to appear. Once you are done with the edits, click on “OK”.

Note: If at any point you want to change something or remove the background, go to “Edit” > “Background” > “Edit background” to change it.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!