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For this edition of Point Blank’s Friday Forum Live, they were joined by Cristian Varela, a global DJ and producer, to showcase some live DJ techniques using the Roland MC-707 and TR-6S.

Whenever possible, disable cloud synchronization before opening Ableton Live. Only use cloud applications to store library content (audio samples / Ableton Live Project Folders / etc); Do not sync program files (applications / plugin folders / etc). Main Issues Caused by Cloud Storage.

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  1. Word quickly spread of Terry’s mixing capabilities & music, and by working three jobs in the summer of 2003 he was able to afford a Roland Groove Box 909. (2003 - 2007) As a result of Terry's success he was called to meet the owners of a nightclub in the summer of 2003, eventually winning the crowd and getting accepted to DJ.
  2. Of course, if you do not use Ableton, it will map to other major music software using In Control. Roland A-49 MIDI Keyboard Controller. Cloud storage from.

Cristian Varela’s inexhaustible creativity in the studio makes him one of the most prolific Spanish creators of electronic music, being credited with more than 160 references on top-level labels, including Sony/BMG, Plus8/Additive, Primate UK, Intec, Toolroom, Bedrock and more. His restless character and his self-taught ability have placed him as one of the few Beta Testers of brands such as Pioneer DJ and Roland, who rely on his advanced criteria – the same one that he delivers in the classes and tutorials he has taught since 1996 in schools as well as professional events such as Sónar + D, Eumes, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and CEV and others.

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During the live masterclass, Varela demonstrates how to make a live techno track from scratch using the MC-707, how to incorporate Roland Cloud’s diverse range of software samples into the hardware and how you can use the piece of tech in a live setting. To finish off, he showcases how he uses the TR-6S to record some of his new tracks to use in a DJ set – all within the box, with no laptop required. If you’re a Point Blank student who wants to get hands-on with Roland Cloud, they recently partnered with the brand to offer over 50% off their products, using their exclusive discount. Find out more here.


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Roland cloud review

For this video, our Course Content Developer Risa T explores the features of Roland Cloud’s JUNO-106 soft synth and shows exactly how to shape and edit its iconic sounds.

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The JUNO-106 was the first in Roland synths to introduce the performance lever for pitch bends and modulation – an addition which became a standard feature of the audio giants’ instruments. This plugin is included in the Roland Cloud Legendary series, alongside a bundle of other classic synths; the TR-808, TR-606, TR-909, JUPITER-8, TB-303, SH-101 and many more. Using Roland Cloud (Roland’s line of iconic instrument emulations) you’ll be able to load these highly sought after instruments straight to your DAW.


Learn more about Roland Cloud’s key features, synths and how you can freshen up your track with their genre-specific patches, patterns and sound packs here. Plus, we recently partnered with Roland to offer our students over 50% off Roland Cloud yearly subscriptions as well as integrate the Roland Cloud suite into all of our state-of-the-art studios. Find out more about our discount here.

Picking up where our last tutorial on the TR-808 plugin left off, Risa fires up Roland Cloud’s JUNO-106 and shows how you can modify the synth’s sounds using the in-built parameters. Once her synth has the desired sound, Risa records in some chords to go along with her previously made TR-808 drum pattern. To make her chord progression sound more interesting, Risa plays with the JUNO’s modulation knobs to add some movement and automation to the notes. She achieves this by using Logic Pro’s latch mode whilst recording and editing her automation live.

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