Winrar 5.0

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Winrar 官方简体中文版是强大的压缩文件管理器。支持64位系统,它提供了 rar 和 zip 文件的完整支持,能解压 arj、cab、lzh、ace、tar、gz、uue、bz2、jar、iso 等多种格式文件。. WinRAR Crack 5.80 final incl Universal Patch Multi x84 + x64 is a terrific file archiver, winrar crack will work perfectly on both 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems, the official website offers versions for other systems. The advantage of the development can be considered a high level of data compression, when viewed overall rating. Winrar archiver is a powerful tool which allows you to create, manage, and control archive files. It supports RAR and ZIP 2.0 archives, special algorithms optimized for text, audio, graphics, 32-bit and 64-bit Intel executables compression. You can now handle archives directly from Windows Explorer due to the shell.

Winrar 5.0

WinRAR 4.01 Change Log

  • Added support for file sizes stored in binary format in TAR archives.
  • Some TAR archives use the binary size format instead of octal for files larger than 8 GB.
Winrar 5.0.1Winrar 5.0

Bugs fixed:

Winrar 5.0 64 Bit

  • 'Repair' command failed to properly reconstruct structure of RAR archives, which contained at least one file with packed size exceeding 4 GB.
  • This bug did not affect the recovery record based repair. It happened only if recovery record was not found and WinRAR performed reconstruction of archive structure;
  • even if 'Do not extract paths' option in 'Advanced' part of extraction dialog was set as the default, WinRAR still unpacked file paths if called from Explorer context menu;
  • after entering a wrong password for encrypted ZIP archive, sometimes WinRAR ignored subsequent attempts to enter a valid password;
  • 'Wizard' command did not allow to create self-extracting and multivolume archives, when compressing a single folder or a file without extension;
  • 'Import settings from file' command did not restore multiline comments in WinRAR compression profiles;
  • when converting RAR volumes having name1.name2.part#.rar name format, 'Convert archives' command erroneously removed '.name2' name part. So resulting archive had name1.rar file name instead of expected name1.name2.rar;
  • RAR could crash when creating a new archive with -agNNN switch if archive number in generated name was 110 or larger;
  • WinRAR failed to display non-English file names in 7-Zip archives properly if they used a non-default code page. It was the display only problem, such names were unpacked correctly.

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Winrar 5.0

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