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For example, here it is possible to match LibreOffice’s overall score of 9.3 against WPS Office’s score of 9.0. You can even evaluate their general user satisfaction: LibreOffice (97%) vs. WPS Office (100%). What’s more, you can compare their pros and cons feature by feature, including their terms and conditions and rates.

WPS Office offer File Roaming, an automatic document backup service that allows you to access your documents through the program, the web at https://account.wps.com/, or on your iOS device.

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What is File Roaming?

When using File Roaming, once you create or open a document in WPS Office, it will be automatically saved in WPS Cloud. You can access the same document to view and edit it when you log in to WPS Office on iOS, or directly online at the WPS Cloud website

Highlights of File Roaming

1. Opened documents are automatically saved in WPS Cloud. After switching on the File Roaming feature, your new and opened documents will automatically be uploaded to the cloud.

2.Synchronize documents on your PC and iOS devices and the WPS Cloud website. After logging in, you can see in your account all the documents you opened with different devices.

3. View document history. By using File Roaming, you can save every modification of your documents and check them in history.

How to Use File Roaming

Open WPS Writer, Presentation, or Spreadsheets, click on Sign in button on the top right to log in to your account. Or you can also visit the Office Space tab > File Roaming > click Use Now.
You can use your Google, Facebook or Twitter account to log in, or sign up with your email address:

After logging in, File Roaming function is automatically enabled. After that, files you open or edit will be uploaded to cloud automatically and you can check those files under Office tab > File Roaming or by going to the WPS Cloud website.

If you log out, the documents you open or edit will not be uploaded to cloud.

Help: How do I recover deleted files from WPS Office 2016?

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'Hey there, do you know how to restore lost WPS Office files after Windows system update? Recently, I updated my computer, but all my WPS Office 2016 files, including document, excel, and ppt were all lost. Or you can say that the new system deletes my WPS Office 2016 files from my PC. Anyway, I want to know do I still have a chance to recover the deleted WPS document files?'

Careless deletion, formatting, virus attack, system update/crash, hard drive corruption, junk files cleaning, etc. all these factors may cause unexpected WPS file loss on Windows or Mac computer. To recover deleted files and get back the lost WPS document, data recovery software is indispensable.

How to Recover Deleted Files with a WPS Recovery Tool

To recover deleted files from WPS Office 2016, you can't miss EaseUS data recovery software that enables you to effectively recover lost WPS document files from internal hard drive (HDD & SSD), external hard drive, USB flash drive, pen drive, Android SD card, and more.

Apart from document recovery, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is still good at deleted photos recovery, as well as videos, audios, emails, ZIP, RAR restoring. Now, download and install this data recovery program on your computer and start to restore deleted WPS Office files within 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Office file recovery software on your computer. Choose the exact location where you lost the Office files and click the Scan button.

Step 2. The software will immediately start scanning the drive and very soon the deleted files will show up. When the process is over, you can filter the Office files by clicking 'Filter' > 'Documents'.

Step 3. Select the Office files (e.g. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and click the Recover button. You can browse for a different location to save the recovered files.

If you happen to lose important WPS Office files in your Mac computer, you can also download the Mac version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to restore wanted WPS Office files with ease.


How to Recover Unsaved WPS Office 2016 Documents

Unsaved documents loss happens a lot due to a sudden power outage, application or computer crash, or human mistake. For Microsoft Office users, how to recover lost or unsaved Word document is a perennial question. And the problem is the same for WPS office users. If you have lost your WPS documents unsaved rather than stored, you can try to recover the lost file by WPS Auto Backup.

1. Recover the File from the Prompt

When your WPS document is closed unexpectedly, the simplest way is re-launch the WPS, and you can recover your file backups from the prompt according to on-screen messages.

2. Find out the Lost Documents from Local File

If there aren't any prompts pop up, you can recover lost WPFS documents from the local file.

  • Click WPS and choose 'Backup Management' tab on the drop-down list.
  • Select the ones you want to open and save them

If there are no files in the Backup Management panel, please click View Other Backups on the right bottom, then a backup folder will pop up. All your backups will be stored in this folder.

How to Back Up WPS Office 2016 Files to Avoid Data Loss

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To avoid unexpected WPS Office 2016 files loss, we highly suggest that you back up important document regularly with the ways below.

1. Turn on Autosave in WPS

  • Click the left top corner of WPS Office 2016 file (like Writer, Spreadsheets or Presentation) > tab 'Tool' in the popped out list and select 'Option'.
  • Go to 'General and Save' > check 'Recently used file list, use character units, create a backup file at first save and Save backup file every * minutes (set wanted frequency you want the program to backup your WPS Office file) and click 'OK'.

Then you'll get all the editing WPS Office 2016 files backed up automatically. This applies to all WPS Office files such as Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets, etc.

2. Use Schedule Backup Software for WPS Office 2016 Files Backup

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The autosave feature can back up the editing document automatically. But how to protect your saved WPS document files efficiently? You can use a reliable third-party backup tool, like EaseUS Todo Backup, the best Windows schedule backup software to back up important WPS files automatically based on your schedule option, like One-Time/daily/weekly/monthly/Upon Event backup.

3. Use WPS Cloud to Back Up WPS Files

When using File Roaming, once you create or open a document in WPS Office, it will be automatically saved in WPS Cloud.

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Open WPS Writer/Presentation/Spreadsheets, click on Sign in button on the top right to log in to your account. Or you can also visit the 'Office Space tab' > 'File Roaming '> click 'Use Now'. You need to note that if you log out, the documents you open or edit will not be uploaded to the cloud.